Top 5 streaming services in India

As the lockdown started. all of us instead of going out with friends and family or going to a movie theatre, we are confined to our homes. This has led to a boom of business for streaming services as more people are waiting at their homes for the lockdown to end and the time it will be safe for people to move around in masses. But as of now there is a lot of confusion as to buy which streaming service as not everybody can afford to buy all of them. We will look at the top 5 services that will be the most bang for buck purchases in no particular order.

  1. Netflix

Netflix presently is the most popular streaming service in the world. So it’s not surprise that it is also the one of the popular services in India also. The pricing of it’s plans in India is different from the West. The prices are less than let’s say in the US. Why someone would ask? It is because of the population of our country. The sheer number of people expected to join Netflix is sufficient to lower its price down. That’s why it has also launched a mobile only plan which is not present elsewhere. There are always new movies added as soon as they are out of theatres and some even releasing solely on the platform.


The best plan for most people will be the 649 one as hd viewing is available with support upto 2 screens simultaneous use.

2. Prime Video

Prime video was one of the earliest services to be launched in India along with Hotstar. Amazon very quickly realised that Indians like any other country would like more of their local content and good stories from all over the world. So they acted accordingly and started producing local content as soon as they launched here. Presently they have one of the better local content in comparison to other streaming services.


There is only one plan that is: ₹999/year

This one of the most lucrative deals as this also gives one access to prime benefits on the amazon shopping side of the business. And on top of that there are always new movies added as soon as they are out of theatres and some even releasing solely on the platform.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar was the one of the first streaming services available in India that gathered the attention and subscriber base of masses. The main selling point for the service was the telecast of the Cricket matches that Star India had the rights to. But soon they acquired the rights to stream the IPL, the most watched non international cricket league in the world, from Sony India and the business then shot up tens of times. Since then it has also produced a lot of local content was one of the earliest to do it. Now as the Disney+ also bundled with it, its value proposition has increased dramatically as Disney is also removing its media content from other platforms as soon as their contract expires. So in the future it might the biggest and most valued service in India. In addition to it there are almost all the tv shows aired on star India network to view on demand.

Plans: Currently they have two plans and considering the content and the screen limitation, both the plans are pretty greedy to be very honest.

  1. VIP:₹399/year with only 1 screen (dick move)
  2. Premium: ₹1499/year or ₹299/month (still a dick move)

4. Sonyliv

Sonyliv was the first service to be launched in India in the wake of ipl streaming but the rights were acquired by star India during the whole launch hence it couldn’t get the popularity it might have gotten if IPL was still under Sony brand. But nonetheless they still have sports rights in a lot of countries and still the second most popular service in India in terms of sports related content. With the champions league in football to wrestling it still is one of the. best in India if someone is trying to watch a sports event. The lack of local content is still an issue as it doesn’t have the same amount and quality like some other services mentioned. The main selling point still is the sports catalogue that it has along with US Tv shows that does not air in India at all. The price point is the other main selling point as it is still one of the cheapest that one can get in this country. What makes this more affordable is that most of the time there is some or the other promotional offers running which can reduce the cost upto 50%.

Plans: ₹499/year

₹299/ 6 months


5. Voot

Finally in the list is one of the newest service launched in 2016. It’s a subsidiary of Viacom18 which has a few entertainment channels in the country. Most of the content currently present on the site is the tv shows that aired on the it’s channel but since last 2 years they have producing quite a few local original content made specifically for the online streaming. Initially the app was free at launch but now they have made two tiers to it, one being the free and other being the root select version which has all the original content as well as the premium movies and tv shows. Overall it still is not the value package anyone is looking for as the collection of movies is till very scarce, but for tv shows and reality tv in India along with its original content, which are actually pretty good, would be the main reason one might choose to subscribe to the service.

Plans: ₹99/month or ₹999/year

All of the services mentioned above are good in their own sense and some even make a good case for themselves in terms of pricing and the amount of content present on it. But still one needs to make a decision as to which service one needs to subscribe to. If you have got the money I would recommend to subscribe to all as all of them something or the other for you but if money spending needs to be checked and considering the value proposition I personally would recommend to subscribe to Netflix, Prime and Hotstar only as these have the maximum amount of content online both local and international and these would cover all the needs of one for movies and tv shows. There are still many services not mentioned here like ErosNow, AltBalaji, Zee5, JioCinema, AirtelXstream etc but unless you are getting the premium versions of these services bundled with either your phone company or the internet provider or even some other way, there is absolutely no sense in subscribing to theses services if you looking for maximum value proposition.

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