Top 5 apps for Meditation

There are a lot of apps out there for meditation in the large ecosystem of mobile and computers. Some of them are pretty good and some are just a method of looting a consumer into buying the app or any subscription and not delivering what is promised. As such there are thousands of videos on YouTube which are a less expensive way of learning the techniques of meditation.

But not all people can or are willing to search thousands of videos online to select what they need. To solve this problem we have apps. Many of them have compiled the best techniques and have characterised them according to the type of people looking at it. Maybe you are a regular guy/girl and only want some form of meditation to do in the morning for 5-10 minutes only or you are someone looking to get deeper into it and have the time to do hours at a stretch. In this post we’ll look into 5 apps that I and many other users have used and think that they have the most bang for buck purchases, only when it’s a paid one.

Disclaimer: No party related to the mentioned apps have sponsored this post. These apps are in no particular order

1. Calm

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

This is one of the best apps that are out there. Although it is free to download but there are limitations in what one can do with it. But here comes the good part. After you buy a subscription it will feel like it’s the best app in the app store. There are various types of meditations depending on the needs and time limitations of the users with a huge collections of music and sounds that aid in meditation. The new Sleep Stories section features a great mix of voice talent — you may recognize actors Matthew McConaughey or Jerome Flynn — to lull you to sleep. A recent update to the Calm app makes for a mindful experience through the Apple Watch, with three new breathing exercises, a mindful walking meditation, and calming exercises you can all access right from your watch.

2. Sadhguru app

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with optional inapp purchases

This is a bit of an unusual app as it’s an extension of the meditation practices and yogic practices teaches by Sadhguru. Isha foundation runs and overlooks all the operations of meditation and spirituality from Sadhguru. This apps has different sections like guided meditation, inner engineering online, wisdom and articles of meditation and spirituality. These practices are almost exclusively Indian in origin but it does extend beyond any boundaries and are useful for everyone. There are videos on the life teachings with written short stories to teach it. Overall it’s a good app and only a few things are paid. People can enjoy the wisdom section and the videos section for free which own it’s own pretty good.

3. Insight Timer

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

More meditation is practiced on Insight Timer than anywhere else, and the app has 10 or more free guided meditations added every day. Browse thousands of guided meditations to begin building a simple daily habit, jump into discussion groups and the community features, and use the music tracks and ambient sounds to calm the mind and promote sleep. One more good thing about the app is that they publicly declare that 50% of all the earnings go directly to creators and teachers on the platform which in itself is a good practice to support the people spending time to create guides.

4. Headspace

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

This is one app that I use on and off as personally I don’t like the UI that much. But aside from the UI this is a great one if want to build a routine with meditation and also it has pretty good collection of guides for sleep. The app builds personalised plans based on a little input from you, so you can learn the essentials of meditation and build from there.

5. The Mindfulness App

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: Free with optional in-app purchases

A five-day guided practice and introduction to mindfulness helps you get started, and timed guided or silent meditations from 3 to 30 minutes will suit your busy lifestyle. This also offers the user personalised recommendations and plans to cater to the particular need.

Please share what meditation apps you use and comment it down below.

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