Canon EOS M50 Review!

There are tons of dslrs to choose from when one is looking to buy one. Whether it’s a mirrored or mirrorless, the quality one can get is pretty similar in both the categories. There are some advantages and disadvantages of each one. So the whole point comes to the fact that for what needs one is buying.

There are some inexpensive DSLR out there which can be said to be all purpose. In this review we’ll see one of the claimed all purpose dslr and why it can be your next all purpose camera. I will also post some pictures clicked by different people with this camera and for comparison as what it can do when a semi-pro to pro level photographer uses it.


  • 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • EF-M lens mount with support for EF/EF-S lenses with optional adapter
  • Dual Pixel autofocus for stills and 1080p video
  • DIGIC 8 processor
  • 2.36M-dot OLED EVF
  • 1.04M-dot vari-angle LCD
  • 7.4 fps burst in AF-C (10 fps in AF-S)
  • 4K/24p UHD video (1.7x crop)
  • 1080/60p and 720/120p HD video
  • Wi-Fi and NFC with Bluetooth
  • 235 shot-per-charge battery live (per CIPA)
  • Mirror-less

These are the technical specs of the camera. But who reads these, right? We’ll see now what actually matters to an individual while buying a camera.


The m50 is one of the good looking ones out there. The design is fairly compact and easy to handle. There is a rubber like material on the right side of the camera with a groove which makes holding the camera a very breezy experience. The camera is lightweight coming at just 390 grams. It comes in two colours: Black and white. Though the white one looks pretty unique but the better looking one is as expected the black one.

There are ports for usb charging and an cdmi output on the side with a cover protecting it. There is a mount for an external microphone on the top which is a welcome addition as a lot of cameras at this price point doesn’t have one. There is a touch LCD panel on the back which can flip out to the side and also rotate 180 degrees for vlogging. The screen is fairly bright and the touch sensitivity is good for day to day work.



The stills performance of the camera is a class above what others are offering at the same price. The 24 megapixel camera takes sharp photos and with the new Digic 8 processor the coloraturas accuracy and the contrast comes out to be close to the natural. There are various modes and filters on the camera but in my opinion it’s better to shoot a RAW image and then color correcting it after compared to using on camera filters and settings. There are manual settings for ISO and shutter speeds which are pretty handy for a more advanced user. The ISO can be adjusted by a dial on top which is surprisingly convenient.


Credits: Tech Through The Lens

This camera is hands down a better video camera than it’s a stills camera. It can shoot upto 4K 24fps but to be honest the 4k is just bad and the resources that one would require to edit a video in 4K is not worth when shooting from this camera. On the other hand 1080P 60fps is another story. The full hd video is an amazing experience in itself. Although in Lens stabilisation is not there the stabilisation of the camera and the processor is more than enough for those daily vlogs or even professional video shoot. The Video is more than 99% color accurate without editing and it’s plenty sharp to look at.

In natural lighting conditions the video is similar to a professional film camera, in other word it’s great. The only downside is that the camera introduces some grains while shooting in very low light conditions. So all the night time shooters should avoid this camera. Otherwise it’s one of the inexpensive options in terms of the quality for video production. The external mic holder also adds for this being a proper blogging camera.

Battery Life

This is one of the few downsides with this camera. The battery life when shooting a 1080P video is a meagre 1 hour at max. When shooting with 720p it might get stretched to 1.5 hours. Shooting 4K will drain the battery in around 30 minutes. The stills performance in non-Raw mode is around 400-500 shots but when shooting Raw it is around 150-200 shots which is not bad for a stills camera but it’s not stellar either. Carrying at least 2 spare batteries will be enough for a days shoot, keeping in mind one will recharge the other batteries in-between.


The camera comes with a 15-45mm lens in the bag which is okay for a beginner. The problem with this camera is that only one can use only canon lenses due to the proprietary docking mechanism in it. The good side of this is that there in an adapter in the box which lets one use their existing DSLR lenses with it without purchasing additional canon lenses.

Who this is for?

This camera is for the beginner enthusiast who wants to come into the photography or more so in video production game. The camera is also for that semi-pro or pro level people who wants a reliable and consistent camera which can make their life easier. The camera is also suitable for people who just want to buy a DSLR and don’t want to worry about the settings to get just the right shoot. It’s one of the easiest point-and-shoot dslr out there.

In Conclusion,

Canon M50 is an amazing camera for a lot of people. It takes great photos with minimal effort on the user part and shoots great video for causal users and can also be used by Pros with manual settings for their work. The light weight compact design and the ergonomics makes this handy when shooting for long hours. But the only thing that one may need to do more often than they would like is to change the batteries. But apart form that the compatibility with older lenses with the adapter and also the range of canon lenses for this is more than enough. In the end I can confidently say that this is one of the best beginners camera and also it’s a dream of a camera for casual or semi-pro bloggers who are starting with a YouTube channel or looking to get something better than what they have.

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