Top Travel Apps 2020!

In recent times hearing the world travel invokes only one response, when? The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the tourism industry to it’s knees. All the business that were mainly driven by tourists are now closing which is pretty sad to hear. At the end of the pandemic, whenever it ends, will leave only the big players in the business which might make it a monopoly and might drive prices of travel to new highs. Even if there is no travel possible in the recent times we still need to know which apps will be helpful when thinking about it.

There are lot of apps in the App Store and websites also, but some of them are more useful than others which will save you a lot of money and are pretty convenient. These apps will make your next travel plan a breezy experience. Here are the apps, in no particular order:

Booking Flights

  1. Kayak

This is was an independent app but was bought by Even after the purchase it’s pretty useful as it helps you save money on flight and hotel bookings. One of the great features of the app is that it shows you prices round the year and will show when the prices are higher and when they are lower, which comes in pretty handy when making travel plans. It has a website also with the same set of features.

2. Hopper

It helps travellers find the cheapest flights possible and can really save you some cash if your dates aren’t set in stone. Once you put in your home city and desired destination, Hooper shows you a calendar of the coming year with dates color-coded to reflect historical price averages. Days in green are the cheapest, followed by light orange, coral and red, with red indicating the most expensive days to fly. It’s similar to kayak but is more up-to-date than the former.

3. is used mainly to book flights, but it will also take care of all your basic travel bookings: flight, hotel, car rental, even activities and tours. The app provides useful information on destinations and even airports, telling you how to find lounges, ATMs and luggage storage during a long layover. Booking flights is fairly simple:

Booking Accomodations

  1. Airbnb

Probably the most popular app for booking rooms or any properties. The rates are affordable and their are tons of options to choose from. The one downside of the app its that nowadays there are more fake listings on the app and as there is no process to check it before booking so there are a lot of these cases happening.


This is another popular app for booking hotels. The rates are pretty reasonable for most part but sometimes it might show price more than what one would get while booking directly with the hotel. But most of the times the extra amount paid will be credited to the account or cash back, which is same as putting money in yourself. So it is better to compare prices on other websites and apps before confirming a booking.


It’s probably the most popular website to book flights or hotels. The discounts for the most part are good and one can find luxury hotels at pretty affordable prices. It has a lot of subsidiaries like kayak which adds to the it’s portfolio hence the discounts also runs through them.

Booking Taxis

  1. Uber

The most popular taxi booking app in the world is also one of the most reliable app. There might be times that people might not have a great experience with the app but for the majority of people it’s the app to go while looking for taxis. Whether booking for a going from point a to b or renting a taxi for the hole day the prices are pretty decent.

2. Lyft

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (8326861b) In this image distributed, Lyft’s new Amp glows on the dashboard of a car in San Francisco Lyft Photo Update, SAN FRANCISCO, USA – 09 Feb 2017

It’s also an upcoming popular app which has a similar model to uber. The reviews so far are pretty good but still it is not present in most parts of the world hence people might not have heard about it and might miss using the service while booking at a place where it’s available.

3. Ola cabs

It’s the second most popular app in India. But in the recent times the reviews have gone down due to the in-house policy on paying drivers and having them wait months before clearing their dues. But nonetheless it’s available throughout India and hence a must have app in your smartphone.

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