30 Things to do before 30!

We all have made the list where we have written down what we wanted to do before turning 20 or 25 or 30. But how many of us actually did it? I myself planned a lot of things but couldn’t do it or didn’t have time to do it, at least that’s what I say to myself. But I wanted to share my list what I want to do before turning 30 and hope some of you reading this can get some inspiration with this to go for their things to do before list. In no particular order-

  1. Learn to cook

Everybody likes eating. But how many of us actually know how to make what we like? Go out there or open up YouTube sand start learning to cook especially the things you like.

2. Rage at a music festival

Yeah we all want to go to a music festival and enjoy ourselves. Go to one. Get loud and get wild at one and enjoy to your hearts content.

3. Write a Journal

Everyone needs to start writing a journal right now. All of us have somethings that we cannot share with anyone and putting it into words makes a hell lot of a difference. Try it and then judge it yourself!

4. Start Reading

Make a habit of reading a book a week. Choose something that you can finish with work. After finishing 2-3 books you will feel like, why haven’t you started doing this earlier?

5. Pamper yourself with luxury at least once

This shouldn’t mean that you go all out and finish out all your savings. Buy something expensive that you always wanted or go on an expensive holiday. Let yourself enjoy the moment.

6. Fail

Fail. And fail a lot. There’s no better way to learn, grow and drive yourself to succeed in the future than to fail. Fail fast and learn to pick yourself up fast as well.

7. Sing in public

No matter how bad a singer you are. Go to a street performance or at a karaoke at a bar just let yourself out and sing your favourite song. But If you are truly too shy to do this — the shower is also a good option and so it belting out a tune in the car.

8. Travel alone

There is no better feeling than to go on a trip by yourself. There will be experiences that you may gain for life. Meeting strangers everywhere, doing everything yourself. Traveling by yourself will push you to get out of your shell, help you discover who you really are and have experiences that you probably wouldn’t have had if you traveled with someone else.

9. Learn a foreign language

Try to learn at least one language apart from your mother tongue and English. Prefer to learn the language of the place that you are thinking to go on a trip next. Locals love when some outsider try to speak their language, even if its not correct, they appreciate it.

10. Enjoy the outdoors

There’s nothing as beautiful and inspiring as nature. Don’t take it for granted. Regardless if you’re just star-gazing, hiking or whitewater rafting, get outside as much as you can.

11. Get lost

The feeling of you driving your car to an unknown location is surreal. You might get into some type of adventure, which might make a world of difference later.

12. Pull some all-nighters

No one is stopping you from partying hard after you’re 30. It’s just going to be a whole lot harder to recover. Get this out of your system while you can. It doesn’t have to be just drinking, you can go out and take a stroll in the mountains or go out just chilling on the beach.

13. Move somewhere entirely new

Yes, I know. It might sound scary but moving to a different city or to a different country altogether let’s you experience their cultures which you just might like and stay permanently there. Do it at least once.

14. Fall in love in a strange land

It might seem like a fairy tail, but there is rarely a match to the feeling you get when you visit a different country a fall in love there. Yeah, I know it might not work out but hey why don’t you give it a try and see where it goes.

15. Let your heart get broken

Fall in love so deep that the only way out is to let yourself be destroyed. It is then that we learn exactly how to heal our own body.

16. Go skinny dipping

Do it often. That’s all I want to say!

17. Learn to Meditate

Do it. You’ll feel amazing.

18. Take a Roadtrip

Do it with your buddies or girlfriends or someone special.

19. Do something that you are scared to do

Whether it’s bungee jumping or watching a horror movie alone at 12am, do it. You might just end up liking it.

20. Find a mentor

f you don’t have one in your workplace, reach out to someone in your industry via LinkedIn and see if they’d be open to you shouting them a coffee.

21. Be able to ask what you want in bed

Yes even that!

22. Start taking your health seriously

Focus on the most important thing in life, YOU. Start doing some exercise that you love, eat healthy.

23. Learn to save

You might not feel the importance to do so at present but trust me, the future YOU will thank you for doing this.

24. Learn to read a wine list

And seriously impress your friends and future suitors forevermore, even if you don’t drink.

25. Run a marathon

Run one or even a half one. Whether you can run or walk all the way sign up for one and show up.

26. Go camping

I mean a legit one, not those fancy ones.

27. Learn about politics

Even if you don’t want to. It’s better to know what’s going on in your country or outside it than asking other people for it. And on top of it you can decide better who to give your valuable vote.

28. Dress up in costume and wander in public

It will look ridiculous and yes people might make fun of you, but other than that what is the harm. At least you’ll get famous for the time being.

29. Learn to fight

Whether you need it or not it’s better to learn it than not. You don’t need to be an expert in it just a few lessons doesn’t harm, does it?

30. Dine alone at a restaurant

Friends’ has somehow taught us that there must be something wrong with people who dine out alone. Sure, it might feel awkward to eat by yourself in silence, but it can also teach you to be comfortable with yourself.

31. Follow your passion

It might be difficult to think how would you do it but one thing that I can say with my experience is it’s better to fail than to regret. Just do it and see what happens!


Volunteer for a cause

Do it for something that you truly believe in. It might be difficult to start but once you do you might even do some more that you didn’t think you wanted.

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