As a doctor myself I can understand how useful and at the same time important in preparations of various PG exams, most notably NEET PG. So I decided to upload the notes that I studied with. There are four major coaching institutes in India for PG , DAMS, MARROW, DBMCI, Prepladder.

I have only two as I couldn’t find DBMCI and Marrow notes. But rest assured as soon as I find it I will upload.

Disclaimer: All the notes have been downloaded or acquired through publically open sources. If anyone feels there’s a copyright claim please contact

First Year

DAMS Notes 2018 Notes

1- Anatomy

2- Physiology

3- Biochemistry

Second Year

1- Pathology

2- Pharmacology

3- Microbiology

4- Forensic Medicine

Third year

1- PSM

2- Orthopaedics

3- Ophthalmology

4- ENT

Final Year

1- Medicine

2- Surgery


4- Pediatrics

5- Dermatology

6- Psychiatry

7- Anesthesia

8- Radiology

Prepladder Notes 2019

First year

1- Anatomy

2- Physiology

3- Biochemistry

Second year

4- Pathology

5- Pharmacology

6- Microbiology

7- FMT

Final year

1- PSM

2- Ophthalmology

3- Orthopaedics

4- ENT

5- Medicine

6- Surgery1:




9- Dermatology

10- Psychiatry


12- Anesthesia

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