Top 10 Rishi Kapoor Movies You need to watch right now

Whenever people heard the name Rishi Kapoor immediately there is a smile on people’s face and they started singing one of the many great songs from his films. He entertained us for many decades with his exceptional acting and his brilliant dancing. Among all the big actors he probably became the first actor whose film’s music and dancing captured heart of millions.

But sadly as truly said, all good things must come to an end, he also left the world earlier than any of us thought. Even after so many films he was still doing something new every time you see him. He has done very versatile roles from a comic role in amar akbar anthony to serious roles in mulk.

Summing up his career in 10 movies is pretty tough. Out of all the brilliant roles that he’s done here are the 10 films that you need to watch right now (in no particular order)-

1- Bobby (1973)

Plot: Raj, the son of strict, wealthy parents, falls in love with Bobby, the daughter of a poor Christian fisherman — a romance his parents oppose.

2- Bol Radha Bol (1998)

Plot: Kishan Malhotra finds his life turned upside down, when he returns home one day to find that his place has been taken over by a look-alike imposter. When he attempts to assert his identity, no one including his very own mother, or even his dog, believes him. The only person he can trust now is a young lady named Radha, and together they embark on a task of finding out the truth; who is behind this conspiracy, and if at all it is possible for him to get his life back together again.

3- Karz (1980)

Plot: Ravi is killed by his wife after his marriage. He is reborn as Monty and is now a singer he goes to holiday in Ooty where he recollects his memories from previous life and inquires about his family from first life and his evil wife Kamini.

4- Heena (1991)

Plot: An Indian man becomes amnesiac after falling into a river that carries him to Pakistan. The Pakistani villagers take him in but tragedy strikes after he regains his memory.Plot:

5- Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)

Plot: Three brothers are separated and united after many years – one is brought up a Hindu, another a Muslim and the last (and most memorable) a Christian. Hilarity and adventure ensues.

6- Laila Majnu (1976)

Plot: Kaish Amari comes from a wealthy Islamic family. At the tender age of six he is sent to school and gets friendly with a young girl named Laila. Both of them become close friends, so much so that Kaish gets himself punished and beaten for her. They mature in age so does their love much to the chagrin of Laila’s dad, who wants her to marry a wealthy Arabian, Bahksh, a noble Prince. Now the region is aflame with their love story, Kaish, who is now known as Majnu, cannot get Laila out of his mind and roams around the desert semi-senile, without food or drink, while Laila is getting wed to the man of her father’s choice. The question remains will love triumph in the end or is this young couple fated to be separated for the rest of their lives.

7- Chandni (1989)

Plot: Fate leaves Chandni shattered as her love Rohit disappears from her life. She meets Lalit and they befriend each other until Rohit knocks on her door.

8- Yeh Vaada Raha (1982)

Plot: Vikram’s mother refuses to accept his relationship with Sunita due to her financial background. The couple decide to elope and meet with a horrible accident that separates them.

9- Mulk (2018)

Plot: One family member tries to help her own family which are trapped in a dark controversy.

10- Do Dooni Chaar (2010)

Plot: A middle class family in India tries to buy a new car.


The Body (2019)

Plot: A police inspector is tasked with investigating the disappearance of a powerful businesswoman’s corpse. After questioning her widow, he realises that there is more to the case than meets the eye.

The body is the last movie that Rishi Kapoor did in 2019. Although it’s not as good as some other movies on the list but it’s still good enough to watch at least one time.

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